United States passports issue by the U.S. Department
of State and issued to citizens and noncitizen national
of the United States of  American. They are issued by
the U.S Department of  State. If  you have never had a
US passport. You have lost a valid US passport.Your
passport was issued more than 15 years ago.And your
most  recent passport is damaged. You need apply for
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A China visa is a travel document issued by Chinese
embassies to foreigner citizens abroad. Chinese visa
are valid  for Mainland China only and are not valid  
for Hong Kong and Macao.  If you are travel to Hong
Kong and Macao.  You must apply for separate visas
to there. The visa that is include types of visa number
of entries, validity and duration of each stay in China.  
China is issuing 10 years multiple entries visas to the
U.S citizens.  9 years multiple entries visa to Canada
citizens. Visas in the following categories: L (tourist)
M (business).  Q1. Q2 ( family visit ).  Z (work visit)
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Introduction to Chinese Visa
Visa is a travel document issued by authorized government
agencies to foreign citizens applying to enter, exit from and
transit through the host country. Chinese  embassies, cons-
ulates and other  institutions stationed  abroad entrusted by
the Ministry of  Foreign Affairs of China are visa -  issuing
authorities responsible for issuance of entry visas to foreig-
ner citizens  abroad, and  are  entitled to determine the type
number of entries,  validity and  duration of  each stay of a
visa to be issued,or to decline visa application or revoke an
issued visa,  Accordance with Chinese  laws and regulations. According to Chinese law, foreign
citizen may be refused entry into China even if they has a valid  Chinese visa. For visit to Hong
Kong or Macao. citizens from some countries territories are exempted from visas for short term
visit.  Otherwise  an entry visa must be obtained as required.
About U.S.Passport Service
United  States passports are issued to US citizens. They are
issued exclusively by the U.S. Department of State. Also, a  
passport cards are issued by the same organization. It is un-
lawful for U.S. citizens to enter or exit the United States wi-
thout a valid U.S.passport. U.S.passport are valid for travel
Americans  to certain countries  may require  a visa. By law
a valid unexpired U.S. passport  is conclusive proof of U.S.
citizenship, and  has the  same  force and effect as proof of
United States citizenship certificates of  naturalization  or of
citizenship. U.S.Citizens must get a passport for overseas travel.  Kitty’s Travel Inc. provides the
highest level of service to you to apply US passport with the lowest cost. Whether you need  new
passport, renewal your US passport. We have specialize agent can rush your passport application
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Authentication & Legalization
Documents originated in U.S must be legalized by the Chin-
ese  Embassy  or Chinese  consulate  in order to be used in
China. All of the documents should first be notarized by N-
otary Public.The document should be signed in presence of
the notary. The  document  have complete with notary seal
and signature. The notarized document also have to send to
County Clerk for authentication.  The  States of  New York
required documents must  be authenticated by County Clerk
before to State of New York  for anthenticated. Every docu-
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ument should be further authenticated by the Secretary of State. When submit the document to the
secretary of the state,  it should  indicate  the document will be used in China. All of the document
should be authenticated. The Chinese Consulate  will  verify  signature and seal from the Secretary
of  State. When verified, The document will be authorized for use in China.
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